Family Pizza Tour Experience

We just gave a great tour for a family event, and here's a recap of what they experienced! Don't forget to book your own tour so you can have an exciting experience with Chicago Safaris too! 

It was a great experience for us because the driver knew the best routes to get around Chicago, and she was very well-spoken on her Chicago facts. We played a trivia game on our way into the city and it was great fun, I think we all learned something new. Our kids loved it! 

Once we got into the city, our first stop was Exchequer, which used to be a speakeasy for the notorious Al Capone. The restaurant was filled with history, which our children loved learning about and the pizza was out of this world! 

After finishing here, it was on to our next stop, and we were picked up right in front of our restaurant. Traffic can be crazy in Chicago, but our driver knew how to get around, and the whole experience made us forget we were in traffic when we did come across it. 

Chicago Bagel Authority (CBA) was one of our next stops. The bagel sandwiches here were so tasty! They steam them, which we found intriguing, and they stay nice and warm and nearly melt in your mouth. It's a place our family will definitely go back to our next time in Chicago. 

Our last stop was at The Art of Pizza. This place was another hit out of the ballpark for Chicago Safaris because we were able to choose from deep dish or a regular slice of pizza, which was fitting for everyone's tastes! 

Our trip home was smooth and quick, and we were so full our kids actually fell asleep in the comfortable quiet atmosphere of Chicago Safaris Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. 

The entire experience made for a great day in the city for our family and we can't wait to schedule another tour in the fall! 

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