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Sightseeing Activities

Neighborhoods of Chicago - Chicago is much more than just the touristy hot-spots. See the charm and flavor each unique neighborhood has to offer in this tour of some of Chicago’s most eclectic and exciting communities.

Must See Chicago Properties - Even if you’re not house hunting, this tour is great for seeing some of the most glamorous homes in the city. Enjoy the views and architecture of Chicago’s most prestigious properties, all without the worry of a mortgage!

Chicago Skyline - See the skyscrapers that give Chicago its iconic look! Tour the town and hear the history behind our city’s most famous buildings

Shopping Districts - From major brands along the Magnificent Mile to tucked away specialty boutiques, let us chauffeur you around on your next shopping spree. Whether you’re just window shopping or looking to splurge, we got you covered!

Movie Scenes in Chicago - In addition to Gotham City, Chicago has been tapped to be the backdrop of many popular films. See the spots where your favorite movie scenes filmed and maybe even try to recreate them yourself!

Food/Drink Tastings

Chicago Pizza Tasting - Deep dish may bring people to Chicago, but the varieties keep them here. Why stop at one type of pizza when you can try thin crust, cracker crust, thick crust, pan, stuffed, pizza pocket, pizza pot pies, and more! If there’s one thing Chicago knows, it’s pizza.

Taste of Everything - If you've ever spent more time trying to decide what to do than actually doing it, this tour is for you! Get the best from all types of great meals from Chicago BBQ, to local tacos, Irish bistro fare, and authentic Cuban cuisine- just bring an appetite and leave the decisions to us!.

Taste of Little Italy - Chicago’s vibrant Italian community serves up some of best meals in the city. Have some wine, then some pizza and pasta, a little more wine, finish it off with some gelato, and maybe a little more vino! Buon Appetito!

Chicago Lounge Experience - Home to award-winning mixologists, Chicago has cocktails you have to drink to believe. Sip on hand-crafted beverages in some of the city’s coolest nightspots.

Chicago Wine Lovers Experience - Whether you’re an aficionado or just a casual wine drinker, you’ll love this tasting journey curated by some of Chicago’s best wine sommeliers.

Brewery Tasting - When it comes to great beer, why not go directly to the source? Check out some of the best pints the Windy City has to offer straight from the brewers themselves.

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